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Internal Communications

Internal communication that delivers measurable employee engagement  

 It's good to talk.
Break down the barriers with truly collaborative communications.

Break your communications out of the silos

Consistent communications are vital to any organisation. Fuse lets you remove the bottlenecks and ensure that everyone gets the right message at the right time.


Reach everyone, everywhere.
Any time.

Communication shouldn't be tied to an email address or stop at the office door. Whether your people are onsite, working remotely or on shifts, they'll be kept in the loop.



Build your open communication culture

A two-way conversation is a good conversation. Give your employees a voice with a platform that lets them feed back to leadership and collaborate with their peers.


Scandic transformed their internal communications to empower 18,000 team members to be decision makers. Here's how they did it.

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Content is king

From interactive articles to videos, create and deliver the rich content that gets your key messages across to your organisation. Fuse’s social features enable employees to comment on, like and share your content to increase reach and engagement.

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Rich video content

Make it personal

Online communities, audiences and groups let you get the right messages to the right people at the right time. Schedule your posts in advance to ensure your messages go out when you need them to. 

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Personalise internal communications

Make it mobile 

Reach everyone in your organisation regardless of where they are based with Fuse’s consumer-grade, enterprise-ready app. Ensure important messages are seen with the live newsfeed and instant notifications.

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Mobile learning

Make it measurable

Track your communications' reach, engagement and overall impact with Fuse’s powerful built-in analytics.

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Measure employee engagement

One platform. 35 languages. 

Make your communications immediately accessible in over 30 languages with auto-translation of content and auto-transcription of videos.

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Auto translation
Lena Bjurner SVP HR and Sustainable Business

“Our research has shown that Fuse users' experience is that they are more empowered, collaborate more and are more guest-focused.”

Join our growing community of customers who use Fuse to onboard, train and continuously enable their salespeople. 

1 million+
users onboarded




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