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Man being observed in warehouse by training supervisor

Onboarding with impact.


Rapidly onboard new hires with Fuse by engaging them with the learning they need to accelerate time to competency.

Make new hires feel part of the tribe

Make day one feel as welcoming as day 100. Fuse's online communities let new hires connect instantly with peers, subject matter experts and other new hires.

Personalise their onboarding journey

Engage your new hires with bitesized, structured learning and assessments tailored to their role that they can complete at their own pace.

See them put learning into practice 

 Give new hires the confidence to apply their learning from day one - with performance coaching tools that let you offer support and feedback when it's needed. 


Find out how Hilti use the Fuse Integrated Learning Platform to onboard their sales teams – reducing their payback period on new hires from 18 months to 3 months.

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Hitting the Ground Running 

New hires start building their networks from day one. Fuse's communities let them connect with peers, colleagues and subject matter experts.

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employee onboarding

Interactive Content.

Engage all your new hires with interactive learning content, searchable within seconds on the Fuse mobile app.

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onboarding software

Feedback in Real Time

Reinforce positive behaviours and give feedback with Fuse's range of powerful performance coaching tools.

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performance coaching

One Platform.
35 Languages. 

Make learning immediately accessible in over 30 languages with auto-translation of content and auto-transcription of videos.

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auto translate

Demonstrable Impact 

Track and continuously improve the business impact of your onboarding programmes with Fuse's advanced built-in analytics.

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learning data analytics
Rachel Hutchinson Hilti
By redesigning our onboarding and using the social learning features of Fuse, the sales teams have reduced the payback time from eighteen months to just three.

Join our growing community of customers who use Fuse to onboard, train and continuously enable their people. 

1 million+
users onboarded




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